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2021 Clinical Symposium

May 12, 2021 @ 8:30 am - May 15, 2021 @ 1:00 pm

(See details below)

MAY 12th – 15th, 2021

In-Person Syposium Location:

The Hotel Indigo
301 Union Street, Nashville TN 37201
Phone: 615-891-6000

CERTIFICATION EXAMS will be held Wednesday MAY 11th at 2pm.

If you need, there are other hotels close by:

  • Sheraton Grand Nashville  844-847-0819
  • Double Tree Nashville  615-244-8200
  • Courtyard Marriott  615-327-8127
  • Bobby Hotel 615-782-7100
  • Fairlane  615-988-8511
  • Noelle Hotel 615-649-5000
  • 21C Hote 615-610-6400
  • Sheraton Music City Nashville 615-885-2200 (option 0 for front desk)
  • Grand Ole Opry – Gaylord Resort  615-889-1000


*** 20 Hours of CE credit is applied for most of the 50 states, however some state boards that review and decide if CE credit will be offered to their states doctors. While some charge a nominal fee (less than $100), others charge over $200 and in some cases much more! If you state does not have CE credit, talk to them about the exorbitant fee that they charge.

Program Objective:

At the conclusion of the Clinical Symposium, the attendees will:

  • Realize a variety of conditions for which the SOT protocols are useful
  • Learn diagnostic indicators and protocols for determining neuromuscular conditions
  • Have an expanded understanding and knowledge of SOT treatment protocols per condition


Wednesday May 12, 2021

Afternoon (specific time TBA): Certification Exams

Thursday May 13, 2021

8:30am – 9:00am: Sign in and Registration Desk is Open

9:00am – 1:00pm:

Dr. Esther Remeta, DC, CSP, CSCP

OBJECTIVE:  This seminar introduces SOT category differential diagnosis and covers category I, II and III assessment and treatment protocols in their entirety.

HOUR ONE: Introduction to Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) and its founder Major Bertrand DeJarnette, DO, DC.  This includes introduction to SOT related anatomy and physiology and SOT category analysis, diagnosis and evaluation. Introductory review of clinical conditions and Category differential diagnosis and treatment flow. Incorporation of SOT evaluation indicators and treatment protocols with other chiropractic techniques.

HOUR TWO: Introduction to category two ascending and descending kinematic patterns and protocol overview. Cervical compaction test and stairstep analysis and treatment; Iliopsoas and Iliofemoral (Category II piriformis muscle system) assessment and treatment; trapezius fiber analysis and treatment; sacral cup analysis and treatment; Cat II referred pain assessments (UMS/LLL) and arm fossa test; Category II block placement; cranial basic two; and assessment process for time of block placement and removal. Additional care, general ergonomics, and sacroiliac belt and review of category two treatment protocols.

HOUR THREE: Introduction to Category III, clinical cautions-red flags, standing and overview of postural and symptom presentation analysis. Review: Psoas assessment and treatment, leg length analysis, block placement for category three and pain control methods. Piriformis muscle syndromes (SOTO and increased muscle tension) and introduction to R + C Factors (lumbar and cervical relationships) evaluation and treatment; Cat III block placement for lumbar rotational patterns and disc compression; sitting disc technique; basic cranial three; review of Category III protocols and rehabilitative ergonomics and activities.

HOUR FOUR: Introduction to Category one, basic cranial one, atlas -achilles (heel)tension relationships; atlas adjusting; leg length analysis; releasing heel tension; Category one block placement; evaluating primary dollar (gluteal ) and /or crest (sacrospinalis) activity levels; SB+/- cough test; active vasomotor vertebral levels; and resultant treatment protocols. Synopsis review of conditions as related to Categories I, II and III plus practical application.


1:00pm – 2:00pm – LUNCH

2:00pm – 4:00pm:

Dr. Jonathan Smith: “Lifestyle and Nutritional Considerations for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury”

Category: Clinical

*Address working with the head injured patient. Symptoms and the challenges they present for patient and doctor

*Understand the mechanism of injury and ongoing symptoms as a rationale for lifestyle and nutritional changes.

*Learning hot to maximize brain recovery and function through nutritional supplementation.

*Recognize the need to consider the influence of other organ systems on brain function and the need for further treatment considerations.

4:00pm – 6:00pm:

Dr. Esther Remeta  “The long Term Sequellae Of Traumatic Brain Injury”

Category: Clinical / Technique

*Understand how to assess patients with traumatic brain injury and its pervasiveness in society (sports injuries, automobile accidents, falls)

*Develop a treatment plan particularly to aid recovery of patients suffering from the long term sequelae of traumatic brain injury

*Incorporate SOT and SOT cranial procedures along with specific nutritional and neuro rehabilitative behaviors and exercise to facilitate the patients recovery.

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Friday May 14, 2021

8:00am – 9:00am: Registration Desk is Open for Sign In

9:00am – 1:00pm:

Dr. Jeff Mersky  “Cranial and Pelvic Patterns and Nutritional Correlations”

Category: Clinical

Hours 1 & 2  Low oxygen and Airway issues in the TMJ and Cranial Patient

*Appreciation of a life threatening condition that is rather common

*Understand how to proceed with proper work up precedures, Hours 3 & 4 Blood Chemistry and Adrenal function in the low Oxygen Patient

*Hypoxic patients entering survival mode or the sympathetic response that strains the Adrenal glands

*Explore the Lab work and the CMRT nutritional support for this patient

*Understanding how we can stabilize and help save and enhance people’s lives

1:00pm – 2:00pm – LUNCH

2:00pm – 6:00pm:

Dr. Richard Gerardo – Cranial dental model – A wholistic approach to TMJ

Category: Clinical

1st hour

*Explanation of The Dental cranial model and relationship to S.O.T. and chiropractic.

*An explanation of TMJ mechanics and the relationship to pelvic stability.

*The TMJ is not an isolated problem but a measure of overall stability in the body.


2nd hour

*A primer of thebasic mechanics of Orthodontics.

*This is to include the explanation of the headgear effect and the understanding of the mechanics behind it.

*Explanation of the compromised airway and the predisposition to upper airway resistance syndrome, sleep apnea, and snoring


3rd hour 

*The autonomic nervous system and the relationship to the cranial sacral system.

* Understanding how Cranial therapy reduces or down regulate the sympathetic tension in the nervous system.

* Understanding the effects on the respiratory system and the effect of the respiratory  system on the overall health of the patient.


4th hour


*This is a study of facial/body features to the characteristics that are related to them.:

*The relationship of physical features and your personality.

*Digital photos of subjects faces using split features that demonstrate and highlight the personality each identifies.

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Saturday May 15, 2021

9:00am – 1:00pm:

Dr. Martin Rosen  “The How, Why and What of Pediatric Cranial Growth, Evaluation and Corrective Protocols”

Category: Clinical / Technique

*Determine aberrant cranial developmental issues – functional, structural and neurological

*Have a better understanding of why addressing cranial imbalances are so important in the first two years of life when the greatest amount of brain development is occurring.”

*Be able to clinically address and facilitate the correction of these aberrant cranial issues with proper chiropractic cranial adjusting protocols.


Registration fee (In Person or Online):
After April 15th, 2021:
Doctor or Student Non-Member – $625.00
Doctor Member – $550.00
Student/1st-2nd Year Doctor Member – $399.00

Early Registration Special!!! (In-Person or Online)
Before April 15, 2021:
Doctor or Student Non-Member – $500.00
Doctor Member – $450.00
Student/1st-2nd Year Doctor Member – $350.00


The 2021 Clinical Symposium will be set for Thursday May 13th – Saturday May 15th, 2021 in Nashville, TN.

The venue will be Hotel Indigo in downtown Nashville.


1. Once on the page click on the right hand side button that says “Book Online”
2. Then enter in the dates of the symposium (e.g., May 12, 2021 – May 15, 2021)
3. That will take you to the SOTO-USA Room Block and the hotel’s discounted rates. Choose your room and reserve.


May 12, 2021 @ 8:30 am
May 15, 2021 @ 1:00 pm
Event Category:


Dr. Rob Klingensmith


Hotel Indigo
301 Union St N
Nashville, TN 37201 United States
+ Google Map
(615) 891-6000