Fuentes R; Freesmeyer W; Henriquez J  Rev Med Chil 1999 Sep;127(9):1079-85


BACKGROUND: Postural alterations of the shoulders, dorsal spine and hips could have an influence on the development of craniomandibular dysfunctions. AIM: To study the influence of body posture on the prevalence of craniomandibular dysfunction.

SUBJECTS AND METHODS: One hundred thirty six dental students and 41 patients assisting to the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) clinic at the Freie Universitat at Berlin, were studied. Masticator, cervical muscles, temporomandibular joints and occlusions were clinically examined. The position of shoulders and hips was measured with the use of an acromiopelvimeter.

RESULTS: No relationship was found between postural alterations of the hips and shoulders, articular noises and sensibility or pain while palpating the temporomandibular joints. Among students, a relationship between postural alterations of the shoulders and the sensibility or pain while palpating the TMJ, was observed. When all muscles were considered, a significant relationship between asymmetric shoulders or hips and muscular pain while palpating was observed among students.

CONCLUSIONS: Some symptoms, especially muscular sensibility is more pronounced in people with hip and shoulder asymmetries. This relation is more pronounced in dental students than in patients.

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