Carossa S; Catapano S; Previgliano V; Preti G  Minerva Stomatol  1993 May;42(5):229-33


The aim of this research was to measure the incidence of craniomandibular disorders in a group of patients with functional-type cervical alterations. The group consisted of 50 patients undergoing treatment for disorders of the cervical sectors of the spine. Each patient was subjected to a medical examination to investigate the presence of CMD signs or symptoms. From the data statistical analysis a higher percentage of cases with muscular and joint pain, limited mouth opening, deviation and deflection, were found in comparison with the percentage found among the general population. This demonstrates an overloading of the entire masticatory apparatus. Joint noise was less frequent, probably due to its exclusion from our sample of patients with arthrosis-type degenerative pathology.

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