Illinois Department of Professional Regulation

James T. Thompson Center, 100 West Randolph, Suite 9-300, Chicago, Illinois 60601

A letter dated April 23, 2003 from Diane M. Para, Legal Counsel for the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, sought to address questions about chiropractic scope of practice in the state of Illinois associated with Craniopathy and Temporomandibular Joint Evaluation and/or Treatment.

“I am writing in response to your recent letter in which you asked whether Illinois licensed chiropractors are “allowed to perform “Craniopathy” or “Cranial manipulative therapy” or “Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Evaluation and/or Treatment.” I have reviewed your inquiry in consultation with the Chiropractic member of the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board. Pursuant to Section 60/2(10) of the Illinois Medical Practice Act, chiropractors are precluded from using drugs and operative surgery in their practice. There are no other specific restriction of practice scope contained in the Medical Practice Act or the Rules for the Administration of the Act. However, prudent practice dictates that the chiropractor be trained, educated and experienced in any procedure performed.

Therefore, it would appear that a Chiropractor could perform the procedures you referenced if he/she was qualified to do so. The Illinois medical Practice Act and the Rules for the Administration of the Act are available for your reference from the Department’s website at

I hope this information is helpful. Please be advised that this letter is to be construed as an informal advisory opinion of the Department and is not intended as an official opinion of the State of Illinois, as only the Attorney General of the State of Illinois is empowered to render formal opinions concerning the laws of this state.”

Illinois Compiled Statutes

Professions and Occupations

Medical Practice Act of 1987

225 ILCS 60/

(225 ILCS 60/2)

10. “Physician” means a person licensed under the Medical Practice Act to practice medicine in all of its branches or a chiropractic physician licensed to treat human ailments without the use of drugs and without operative surgery.